Getting Set-up

  1. Make sure you have completed the Free Initial Consultation and filled out your getting started Q&A.
  2. If you're new to google hangouts, you will need to install plug-ins to your computer. It only takes a second! Find the plug-in here.  Please note that you need a gmail account in order to use google hangouts.  I prefer to use google hangouts as I have found it to be the most stable connection for on-line video calls. To set up a gmail account click here (it's free).
  3. Email me, Karen, your google hangout name and email address to
  4. Once I receive your email, I will add you to my "move by move" circle. You will then need to ACCEPT my invitation before we are able to use hangouts.
  5. On the day of your session I will send you a VIDEO CALL at the exact time of our call, which you will see and hear when you are in your google account. You will click to accept my call. It may take a moment before we connect, so be patient until you see me appear!
  6. Ensure you have a strong internet connection and are set up in a room where you have plenty of space and minimal distractions.
  7. Make sure you have everything handy for your workout including water, a towel, a mat, and any exercise equipment you may have!

To access Google Hangouts

If you prefer to use Skype or have any other questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Having Troubles?

Don't hesitate to reach out so we can trouble-shoot together!